Job search: tips and tricks

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Once, the only woman on a list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century, Estee Lauder, said: I never dreamed about success. I worked for it! Frankly, seeking a job is a job in some sense already; you need to be well prepared to succeed. Gone are the days when we made marks on vacancies in the newspaper with a pencil in our hand. And now the advanced modern candidate looks to begin with on the Internet. 

There are many different opportunities to find a job online, but in order not to spend a lot of time choosing – focus on the best of them. Before you start browsing and digging into vacancies, you need to have a CV and a cover letter written in full accordance with the position you want to get. 

There is a lot of technical dry information on writing a resume, about its rules, content (such as personal information, job objective, education, work experience achievements) and so on. You can even buy a template for your CV or use a free one online. All those auxiliary tools work, but do not give the desired result as usual. You don’t need as much assistance as to assist yourself. 

So here are some simple tips that will help you to start:

1. Know (about) yourself – more often than not individuals forget to form an exertion to discover out around themselves or what to do with their lives, what is their self-quality, strength, hidden power or creative passions etc. Although in fact it is an integral and extremely important step in finding a job.

2. Put a passion in your resume – having determined, at least approximately, the position you would like to work in, try to reflect in your CV all your brightest sides that may correspond to a particular job; emphasize them, highlight them, sell your passions and abilities at the highest price to the recruiter or employer. Alternatively, you can customize your strengths here and there depending on the company and position you are applying for.

3. Stand out from the gray crowd – recruiters and employers receive hundreds of resumes a day and most likely your CV will definitely get in front of their eyes someday, but to speed up the process – you need to be noticeable. You can be creative like designer Kim Jin Sol or flat and simple as Wina Tristiana, but remember about your inner potential and strength always, don’t be a copycat. The previous advice about passion will definitely help you to stand out too.

4. Learn to look the proper employments – honing your searching skills every day and you will not even notice how easy resort you do not wasting your time on unnecessary movements on the way to your dream job. Besides, as analysis and evaluation of the employer will allow you to make an informed and career-oriented step for the benefit of a decent job offer.

5. Apply to the jobs you have chosen directly – always try to find the way to contact the recruiter or employer straightforwardly. This is not enough just to respond to a vacancy in the form on the site or send it to public email. Be pushy, don’t hesitate! If the employer sees your persistence in getting the position, he will always appreciate it and present you in the role of his employee, performing his duties with the same perseverance.

6. Beat the ATS – alternatively, you can apply for many vacancies in a few clicks. But filing an application exclusively online can lead the applicant to a dead end. And since many employment sites send your resume directly to the candidate tracking system (ATS), you come to the logical question of whether a real manager will see your resume at all. While searching your dream job always refer to a job descriptions. Highlight their keywords associated with a vacancy and use them in your CV. The ATS will be wild for you if the proper keywords in your CV and cover letter are used. 

7. Depart your comfort zone and utilize your network or connections – in today’s world of social networking, it’s easy to find and connect with anyone you need. Do not be afraid of such ways (you already have nothing to lose, in the worst case – you will simply be ignored). Declare yourself and your intentions, be confident and you will be noticed (or at least hinted at by things you do wrong or because of which you do not fit into this position), but it will be a live communication, contrary to speculation or at least someone reviewed your resume in mass mailing. Also never forget to find out what information a potential employer can find about you on a social media. 

8. And last but not least – be honest! It’s always better to show a desire to learn something new than to be ashamed of lying about skills, trying to do what you can’t do. So, Be Yourself; show that you Want and Can be better, that you Wish and Will learn and develop, that your resume is not the end result, but the Starting Point from which you want to move forward with the new employer and always to new tops!And never forget the words Einstein said – in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!

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