God’s Intervention

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When you think you have seen it all, and nothing will surprise you; when you think that what you do is predictable and too easy, that you will never learn anything new, and it is all only for money; and when you think that big things, thrills, and emotions are not worth waiting for…

When it happens, and you lose faith in it all, you suddenly experience improbable things; things that storm your brain. As if a god or an angel was looking after you.

Fine, this metaphor may trigger negative associations. But this is what it looked like. The boredom of competition, even if at the highest level; a belief that nothing exciting will ever happen; being used to Messi’s free kicks (although one can’t get enough of such beauty), and hitting the wall of the richest clubs full of football stars. On top of that, actors of the show repeating the same words over and over again.

And then, some god sends the Champions League semi-finals. Although calling it ‘semi-finals’ is like saying that Machu Picchu is just a monument.

It had been coming for some time when Ajax defeated Real and Liverpool kicked Bayern out. For certain, when Tottenham said STOP to Manchester City. But even then people would be like, they will be eliminated anyway – with Juventus on their way, Barcelona awaiting them. Of course, favourites – even the firm ones – sometimes lose. But seldom in such circumstances. For certain, such events do not go hand in hand like in the case of Liverpool’s victory of 4:0 and Tottenham’s triumph of 3:2.

That god or angel makes you realise that you have not seen it all. Because you have not seen Barcelona on their knees or Trent Alexander-Arnold taking a corner kick. You have not seen youngsters from Ajax kicking Real and Juventus’ butts. And you have not seen Tottenham getting off their knees. You have not seen it all in such a short time.

And you have not heard a coach, who – despite his faith in his team – can’t believe in what he sees and describes it in a different way than all other coaches in the world.

In the end, you will notice you were watching the game with flushed cheeks and goose pimples all over. And you thought it would never happen again. You realise you still know nothing. You Know Nothing, Jon Snow or Wojtek Zawioła.

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