Severski in good shape

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In his sixth novel, Severski proves that not only he can write, but that he grows. “Odwet” is, considering the construction of the novel, the most efficient of his books. You can notice, that experience with tv shows deeply influenced narrative structure: chapters are short and seem like movie scenes, motifs are intertwined seamlessly, and dialogues are constructed in a way to be spoken by actors. Probably the author knows, that his next story – because “Odwet” is another part of Roman Leski secret team adventures – will also be filmed.

The plot happens shortly before parliamentary election and starts with a murder of two polish spies, one in Algiers and the other one in Baku. They were both connected to so-called Five from the Woods – polish agents trained in a secret facility at Mazury. Similarly as the protagonist, Olgierd Rubecki, retired intelligence officer, nowadays – popular national hero with political aspirations. Does the past in spy school is the only thing that connected them? Or maybe it is the present? Polish intel is not the only one trying to find the truth; there is also, of all nations, Russian interest in all of this.

I definitely recommend this book. I went through all 640 pages fast and with bated breath. I also recommend great audiobook in genius, as always, interpretation by Krzysztof Gosztyła.

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