Cannon Fodder

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In all the pre-election hubbub, we missed an important detail. A fact which was cannon fodder tinged with impudence and total disregard of reality. Well, we were informed of plans concerning the support for the development of football. Financial outlay was mentioned, since that is how ‘sponsoring activities of state-owned companies’ should be understood.

Yes, Polish football needs support. The richest association in the country needs support. It should be offered to clubs which have just been awarded with funds unattainable for representatives of other sport disciplines.

PLN 155 million to be divided among 16 clubs. And the amount is increasing, because it is 4.5 million higher than in the previous year. Football clubs will receive more and more money in the coming seasons. That is right. The value of Polish football is sky-rocketing.

Each of the clubs received PLN 5 million 260 thousand. Also, some benefits and bonuses for their results and position in the historical ranking. In total, Legia got the most – almost PLN 16 million. Piast Gliwice got a few hundred thousand less. The next one was Lechia Gdańsk, with the amount of another few hundred thousand less.

To be clear. This is normal. People want to watch and buy it; where there is demand, the value is going up. There is nothing wrong with that. It is simply the law of the market.

The worst part is that this is happening in Poland, a country generally underfunded, to a sport permanently suffering from the lack of money. The same money which many people consider excessive in football. It is not true, but it is no secret that football, to put it mildly, is not doing bad.

Now, when these amounts are going to be increased, the blood of a number of hammer throwers, weightlifters, alpine skiers or hockey players is up. They remain silent, because they have been taught to wait and keep a low profile.

We do not live in a perfect world and we never will. But some things should be made right… So that that ‘cannon fodder’ is becomes more than solely ‘cannon fodder’.

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