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Headlines, top 100 richest Poles, start-ups, millions in a year. Hundreds of thousands of fans, two concerts a day, countless albums sold. Now these are triumphs! Jealous? Every day, every one of us achieves more spectacular successes, which no one will hear or write about, and still, they matter the most to us and our family and friends. Not everyone can be a rock star, a widely‑read writer, or an owner of one of the biggest and most profitable companies. But we all can be successful. Every good day, every smile of the closest person in the morning (the fact that this person is with you is not only luck but also our success), a chance to pursue your passions in private life, such as your interests, hobby, or favourite sport, and professional life – thanks to your job and other activities, even if you do not earn millions, is a success.

Have you ever thought about how many small successes you achieve in a day, in your lifetime? After you wake up, you fight with yourself and the alarm ringing too early. Your accomplishments depend on whether you are single without any possessions, single with a dog, cat or hamster, a freelancer, or a full-time employee. Then, add children, breakfast, a car, a tram, work, coffees, meetings, emails, phone calls, returns, shopping, gardening, cleaning, cooking, sex, friends, acquaintances… Living in the 21st century makes you successful. On average, the amount of information received by a person within a week equals the amount of information our great-grandparents received throughout their whole life, and we still can handle it all – now this is something to be proud of!

I believe myself to be successful – I live on my own terms and I do what I love. In my life, there are people whom I love, like, admire, and respect. I develop myself, win, exist. And I wish you all the best, too.

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