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I am a consummate nihilist. I suspected that for years but, luckily, it was recently confirmed by the boss of it all with his interpretation on values, and now I know for certain. That makes me feel so much better. I heard the accused say, if we could just get to the sentence. In my case, this gets worse with age. 

A long time ago, with a head full of plans and ideas, youthful strength and ideals, I would run out of the house with a sandwich in my hand, ready to change the world. I had little money, just enough food, and plenty of dreams and plans in my head. Today, I am sitting in full sunlight on one of the hills in Mezzane di Sotto, looking through my fingers at the hills covered with grapevine, sipping local Soave. My head is full of thoughts; some emotions, the remains of enthusiasm and rapture, something about the beauty in the style of Rylski. I am dozing off in a beach chair.  

Not much to think of, even less to do; I spend my days walking to local vineyards and hanging out in local bars in the evening. And you know what? I envy Bianka. Bianka is seven and she is the daughter of my friends. I care about my hygiene; I am on vacation but I keep in touch with a few people. After all, the disaster is beautiful when experienced together. So, the call, the message. Magda is shouting from the other room, E. called. You know what Bianka said today at school? When the teacher asked what she liked doing, she said she likes to be a girl and fight for women’s rights. Remember,Bianka, seven years old.Lots of laughs, the news of the day, friends, texts, calls, etc. Bianka made our day. And now, dozing off in the sun of Venetto, I am thinking about nothing but her. That I envy her, that I would like to do that, too. To have that sandwich, not to wear a hat… to believe as much as Bianka that the world can be changed. That it still can be done. And that what I am looking at from the sunny hill in Mezzane di Sotto is not another calm before the fall of the same empire whose ruins are all around me.

Recently, the Youth Climate Strike took place. Young people from all over the world took to the streets with questions to politicians. I am coming back in a few days… and perhaps it still can be done.

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