A Time of Silence

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I have a dream; just like Martin Luther King and ABBA. But my dream is very unrealistic in today’s world, especially in Poland, as the country is mired in a mass of words, accusations, and mockery. Their authors usually wallow in this mess, climaxing several times a day at least. That is why my dream will not come true.

I dream that the forthcoming – or rather pending – electoral campaign is also electoral silence. A weekend of silence is not enough to take a break from politicians. A voter needs at least a month of silence to be able to assess the situation.

The electoral campaign is irritating. Irritating with unusual activities of those who, for the last four years, have not done anything which would suggest that they take any interest in people. Now, they go out and ask what people need; talk with them, give them cream puffs and flowers or even fix the door of a random person. They go out to simper, make promises, and assure that ‘Polish women and men’, ‘the Polish countryside’, ‘Silesia and mining’, ‘Polish children’, and ‘whoever raises their hand to strike the church is… a bastard.’

We need a month of electoral silence, not an electoral campaign. To take a breath, back off a little. The first week of that month to calm our emotions; the second – to look at politics differently; the third – to talk with a neighbour or a brother who has been our political enemy, and; the fourth week to weigh up pros and cons and decide what is important for us and our children.

In the mass of words, hilarious actions, and the spiral of violence, nobody is able to make a decision on their own. There are plenty of facts, promises, and speeches. Trudging through political mud does not allow for any reflection about the essence of existence. The head feels heavy with bragging, lies, and angry faces of arrogant people. You do not get butterflies in your stomach but leeches. Fists clench spontaneously. And only sometimes it brings tears to the eyes of those observing things happening to this country. And the nation.

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