Kino Kameralne Cafe

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Every film buff knows that it is best to watch your favourite films in perfect surroundings. Unfortunately, going to multiplex cinemas often ends up in a disaster with groups of disruptive people talking, whispering, and chuckling all the time, popcorn flying across the room, or massive crowds, especially during the most hotly anticipated premières.

Luckily, since 2018, the inhabitants of Gdańsk have been offered an attractive alternative to stress-provoking outings to the most popular cinema chains in Poland. Kino Kameralne Cafe, a studio cinema in Gdańsk, combines the idea of The Tenth Musewith a café, focusing mostly on a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

It is a real paradise for film lovers set up on the site of the former legendary Neptun Cinema. In small, cosy rooms, you can fully concentrate on the film and enjoy the experience. What is more, the staff are very welcoming and eager to share their impressions and opinions after the credits.

As opposed to most studio cinemas, the repertoire in Kino Kameralne Cafe also includes the latest films. Here, film buffs can watch the hottest hits currently played in multiplex cinemas, spoken about in the industry media. It is an attractive spot for all those who want to keep up to date with film news and avoid all the inconveniences involved in going to standard multiplex cinemas.

Regular lectures and discussions on the world cinema are an added boon. Here, cinema‑goers can not only watch specific productions but also actively participate in discussions bringing together people with similar interests and passions.

Kino Kameralne Cafe guarantees a quality repertoire and a unique atmosphere. Whether you are an inhabitant of Gdańsk or a tourist, visit Kino Kameralne Cafe and let yourself be amazed.

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