What I Do Does Not Exist

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This occurred to me recently when I was talking with some man dealing with some technical stuff. It does not matter what he does, but at least it gave me a reason to write this article.

Well, if you think about the paradigm, which we arbitrarily acknowledge as true, what people like me do, namely writing is an activity which exists only because we believe it does. After all – characters do not exist in their own right. They do not occur in nature. You will not find some ‘ą’ living under a rock or some ‘o’ coming into bloom on a tree and spreading pollen at some ‘ó’. Everything is conventional, just like the fact that a series of letters form a word. Nay, those words form sentences, and if you try, having studied that for years, you will even be able to make sense out of them through an act of the so-called reading and understanding (which is a long-forgotten activity that must still exist somewhere).

Following this reasoning, by using these conventional characters, creating conventional paragraphs, I can evoke something that one might call thought in a potential reader who uses the conventional creation of Polish language (in contrast to other conventional creations). I am flabbergasted at this phenomenon that as I am sitting comfortably in an uncomfortable armchair, creating something out of nothing, I can evoke, potentially (probably not), some kind of an act in the real world in another member of human species who will read it thanks to cutting-edge technology. For example, if I despised cyclists, I could use these characters I send out to the world to persuade someone to do something that one might call beating, that is a violation of physical integrity of an innocent person using a bicycle. Why? Because my non-material things have created a non-material thought which later materialised in the form of a clenched fist. And, if that was not enough, it can result in the elimination of cycling in general from the public space.

What is more, a huge part of our reality is generally based on things that do not exist. The legal system consists in using non-material characters to achieve a material effect, because someone else has done something. Therefore, we live in a world of illusion, made up for the purpose of something we call peace, social standing, and so on, while in reality, these things do not exist.

And, to cap it all – I am writing this before dinner, so I am skipping some real matters to immerse myself in immateriality. Some people even destroy their body with drugs of some or other kind to spark such unreal creativity. All that to make a name for themselves in the world of illusion as an unreal person. And this is what I wish you. If there is anything beyond that life, it cannot exist.

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