Age of Innocence

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When I am watching ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, ‘MasterChef’, ‘The Facts’ or other quiz shows and TV shows, it seems to me that all participants are figures extremely experienced by experience and age. My conviction bordering on certainty is shaken only by tags at the bottom of the screen – ‘Magda from Cracow – 25’, ‘Jacek, 27 – an engineer from Łódź’, or the host’s presentation – ‘Today with us is Marcin from Wrocław, who graduated from university last year. Marcin, what will you to with the grand prize?’ It usually turns out that the majority of people who appear on TV are much younger than me. Why do I think that they are so much older? I do not have the slightest idea. I even checked whether I do not suffer from some cognitive disorder; if it is not some kind of syndrome or at least a minor mental defect. I carried out the research and I did not find any information to confirm that something is wrong with me…

Perhaps, there is still a little child within me or I feel young because I do not have any health problems, and that is why I do not feel my age (yet)? Well, I weigh a few kilograms more than in my twenties but I put it down to the lack of physical activity and a stable, happy relationship, which involves regular visits in restaurants, chocolate fondant or a glass of wine in the evening. I do not want to admit that I am getting older, that my metabolism has slowed down a little, and I have reached the top of the inclined plane in terms of my fitness. 

Some say that you are only as old as you feel, and this is perfectly true! My grandma, even when she was over 80, would say that she felt as if she was 60 and she thought she could do anything. Perhaps it is natural that we see our own self that way – as a younger version of ourselves. Perhaps this motivates us and makes us look to the future with hope. 

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