Waiting for the Snow – Visit Pomorskie

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Although the world is changing and winters are less cold than in the last century, winter craze still sweeps the Polish nation. Even though there is no snow.

Pomorskie Voivodeship offers plenty of winter attractions for its visitors. Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter is a winter holiday in the mountains, this non-obvious destination boasts loads of winter attractions and fun activities.

The first one is… skiing. Yes, as impossible as it may seem, Pomorskie offers skiing facilities like the best ski resorts. The most popular pistes include Trzepowo, Łysa Góra, Przywidz and Wieżyca. Of course, they are not kilometre-long mountains, but still, they are decent ski centres, which guarantee loads of fun for all skiing and snowboarding lovers. The highest hill in Pomerania is Wieżyca mentioned earlier with Koszałkowo ski centre. It is also the most popular one. It offers two pistes, 300 and 150metre long, open regardless of snow conditions. The centre also boasts eight lifts, snowtubing tracks, an equipment rental, a service centre, schools and food spots, highly appreciated on the slopes.

If skiing or snowboarding is not your cup of tea, check out our riding stables known all over Poland, which are also open in winter. Many agritourism farms have a special winter offer, which includes unforgettable sleigh rides through snow-covered Kaszuby forests in such towns as Kiełpino, Ostrzyce or Chmielno. Another spot to visit is Szymbark, where you will find the Centre of Education and Regional Promotion.

Winter at the Seaside? It is a perfect option for winter swimmers. The popularity of winter swimming, that is swimming in the sea at temperatures below zero, in Poland is constantly growing as this activity has plenty of benefits both for the body and mind. It improves the aerobic cardiovascular capacity, blood supply and skin condition and reduces stress levels. Before you start, check out local winter swimming clubs, because you should embark on your first winter swimming adventure with someone more experienced.

Of course, when it is freezing outside, you can always stay in and enjoy the wide choice of restaurants and bars in Pomorskie, such as Biały Spichlerz in Słupsk – one of the most valuable industrial monuments in the city. It houses remarkable exhibitions dedicated to Witkacy as well as an exhibition on the history of the region – ‘Słupsk – the City and People’. EXPERYMENT Science Centre in Gdynia is a great idea for a family outing. The centre boasts 26 science stations divided into four themed zones – ‘Head Works’, ‘Mechanical Playground’, ‘Technoworld’ and ‘Think, Understand, Do it’. Here, you can learn by having fun and have fun by learning.

Visit Pomorskie this winter. Regardless of the temperature outside, it offers lots of things to do in the long winter evenings. Even when there is no snow, we still have plenty of attractions for all ages and tastes!

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