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Karolina Łukaszewska-Kempa, Marketing Manager at Porsche Centre Sopot, on the Universality of the Italian Legend

Hello, Karolina, it’s a pleasure to have you here, in Sheraton, by the warm and make-up removing fireplace.

It’s hot, affirmative.

People surely wonder whether a brand like Porsche, given its position on the market, needs advertising at all.

They say advertising is the leverage of trade, so it does need it. Luxury brands advertise, too, although they use different forms of communication. Moreover, every brand has an idea for itself and for how it wants to be perceived by prospective clients. Besides, in the end, it’s those clients who decide on the ‘luxury status’ of the brand and its classification on the market. We, as representatives of Porsche, also make an impact through specific pricing policies, brand history, cult status, top production standards; still, we need advertising. Especially nowadays, with the Internet being a dominant source of information and the diversification of target groups. In the past, a typical Porsche client was an elegant man in his forties. Now, our target group has changed. The range of our clients is so broad that I’m surprised how fast it’s all happening. Our marketing has considerably changed and is no longer so obvious. Our clients include all age groups – young people, who made a fortune on the Internet and a Porsche is their childhood dream, or pensioners, who have been dreaming of a beautiful 911 all their life and finally, they have the time and money to buy it. As you can see, our marketing needs to target different places and different groups.

Admittedly, Porsche, as a brand, is not only a car but a lifestyle.

Absolutely. Luckily, the magic of the brand still works. Of course, people buy a car to get from point A to point B, and it’ll never change. But we’re living in an era where clients expect cars not only ‘to move’ but also to express their personality and attitude. That is why Porsche is so popular – for years, it has been associated with sports cars, fast, neat, featuring an attractive design and a long and rich history.

I remember when we talked some time ago that there are two kinds of cars – those which are reasonable to have and those which you desire. What do you look for in a car? 

I admit I like small, fast sports cars. They must be red.

The red ones are faster.

The red ones are the fastest. From what I can see on the example of my friends, I believe that people buy cars which reflect their personality. I’m a dynamic person, I like to do things dynamically, make decisions fast. My car is the same. I don’t know if I should say it openly, but I don’t like slow driving. I move fast, live fast, so the car must reflect my style, also in terms of aesthetics. When I see my car, I cheer up right away. It’s something special, and it seems that many people choose their cars this way. We don’t treat them only as a means of transport. The car is also the joy of life. 

We see our car every day; it’d be terrible if we didn’t like it. Do you have a dream Porsche which you’d like to buy one day? 

Of course, I do, I couldn’t say otherwise. I’m afraid it’ll sound cliché, because Porsche 911 has always been my favourite. It’s a classic I dream of, and I work also to buy it one day.

Thank you for the meeting.

Thank you very much.

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