Obaku – Ethereality and Delicacy of Ultra-Slim Watches

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In their design, women’s watches draw upon female subtlety. Designers try to convey the airiness of woman’s nature with slimness and delicacy of watches. But it has never been as expressive as in Obaku’s innovative models.

‘Although Obaku’s portfolio already contains some square models, we couldn’t resist creating a brand new series to see what else we can do with this exciting yet traditional shape,’ says Christian Mikkelsen, Chief Designer at Obaku.

A perfect example is the Kvadrat model, whose case is only 4.9 mm thick, which makes it one of the thinnest square watches in its price category. Though slim and delicate, it retains an elegant and minimalistic character. With its solid case and 316L stainless steel mesh bracelet, it ergonomically combines form and functionality.

An alternative to the square shape is Notat V233. Just like Kvadrat, it is an ultra-slim model and one of the thinnest watches in the world. Each of the models features sapphire glass, is less than 4.9 mm thick – which is two euro coins put together – and is adorned with 12 Swarovski crystals composed into a 30 mm wide face.

It is worth noting that their quality and design uniqueness do not entail high prices. The prices of Kvadrat models start from PLN 660, and Notat – PLN 590.


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