Enjoy St Dominic’s Fair!

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St Dominic’s Fair is a world-famous lively and joyful event, where you can find one-of-a-kind items, haggle, look for treasures and capture unforgettable moments. It is a place where languages, traditions and customs mingle.

The 761st St Dominic’s Fair will take place in Gdańsk between 24 July and 15 August. It is a huge attraction both for those who are after active leisure and family time as well as those who prefer calmer and more sophisticated activities. 

About 700 Stands

The organiser of the fair – Gdańsk International Fair – puts quality first; therefore, this year’s edition will bring together the best Polish craftsmen, artists, producers and service providers. In total, there will be about 700 stands, mostly offering crafts, art, regional food as well as antiques and collectable items.

New Zone System

This year, the zone system will be changed for zones to reflect their locations better:

– Ołowianka Island will reverberate with sea stories and shanties, with outdoor film screenings and live jazz music in the evenings; 

– Hevelius Square, near the Amber Museum, will be dedicated to nature. Here, you will smell the freshly baked bread and organic food and spend evenings at cosy concerts;

– Świętopełk Square is a perfect spot for foodies, who will be able to taste dishes from all over the world as well as take part in live cooking and relax in the chill-out zone;

– Fish Market will offer plenty of attractions for children, with lots of play and fun activities as well as delicious food;

– Sadova Square will be a spot for young people, offering remarkable attractions and activities, including food trucks, DJs mixing music live, and stands with vinyl records and comic books;

– Pomorska Street will be dedicated to the Pomeranian region, with regional tastes, crafts, recipes, traditions, and art;

– on Litewska Street, you will be able to feel the Vilnius atmosphere thanks to Lithuanian guests with their delicacies and traditions.

Safety First

The safety of St Dominic’s Fair guests is the top priority. International Gdańsk Fair SA guarantees, just like in the previous year, that it will follow all necessary procedures for such outdoor events, said Bartosz Tobieński from International Gdańsk Fair.

Stands will be arranged on one side of the streets to expand footpaths and make it possible to keep social distance. The distance between individual stands will also be kept. Such arrangement will make the event safer and more enjoyable. 

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