Jędrzej Hycnar: Angel-Demon eyes

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Jędrzej, you are a piece of work! In one of the interviews you said that you can’t imagine other job than being an actor but you can also walk on stilts, ride o motorcycle, do you jump from a plane with a parachute?

No, but I hope that someday I will face this challenge as well.

If you had a role in which you would have to do some stunts, would you agree to it?

I would very much so. Of course, there are two sides to this story. It would be cool to test yourself in these circumstances, but accepting a proposition like that takes some thought. If I would hurt myself or get an injury on one of the movie plans it would stop no only this one but many other projects that include me. Although, if I had an offer like that, I would definitely consider it and if the circumstance were right, I would definitely take up on it. That’s why I love this job. With every role you learn something new. You can get into a new world and work with it, find a new self.

So there is no boredom in this profession. It’s the same with me, in journalism.

Definitely not. It’s the greatest advantage of it.

You constantly get into different roles.

I go after my thoughts. I used to play football, then bridge, after that I started training judo, handball, basketball. I had many different ideas about what to do and how to do it. And during all of this I used to go to my brother, to National Theatre in Warsaw to see him perform. In my case, acting is an answer to having new challenges. It’s that constant changing that I needed.

It’s a stressful job.

It is. It’s stressful when it comes to being responsible and always on time. The most pleasurable and least stressful part of it is the moment of creation – working on a line, and then just working. Playing is a great joy for me. Although I often can be seen on movie plans these days, I miss theatre. It’s a place where everything happens right here and right now. I think that the stressful part of acting is everything that surrounds it. You have to have a lot of inner strength to find yourself in all of this, go to the right direction, do it the right way.

Theatre is it’s own thing, but I have to tell you one thing. You have an amazing set of eyes, they’re angelic-devilish. You could play any role. I see you in closeups, in camera, you can’t do that in theatre.

I have never though that the I will be in front of the camera more often than on stage. During theatre school I thought I would be a theatre actor. I was raised on it. I used to go to watch my brother perform, but we also created a theatre group with my friends, without any teacher overseeing it and we tried making spectacles. We were once in repertoire of Solski Theatre in Tarnów, that was one of the greatest push for me in my pursuit of being an actor. And, out of nowhere, I started getting offers for film and tv roles, that are fantastic and also very fulfilling for me as an actor. I hope I’ll be getting more and more. That doesn’t mean that I’m taking a break from theatre. I hope that it will always be in my life.

That’s where the meat is.

You’re right. In my opinion though, it’s a place where a young man can develop in many areas. The scene demands different expressions, testing yourself, trying to define your style of acting, making a decision where to go with your acting techniques. On the stage, you constantly widen your perspectives. On the other hand, on the movie planes you learn how to work with a partner. Playing scenes with other actor, maybe it’s just me, but it makes you focus your attention only on the other person that stands with you in front of the lens. There is a camera and you have to be aware that it’s there, but despite that – there is no live audience that you’re speaking to. The most important person is the one standing in front of you.

I know that you would like to play ambiguous roles. You told me about Jeszua from Master and Margarita. It’s a Jesus-like figure that is just a human. He’s afraid of pain, afraid of death, he’s ambiguous. He’s not sacrum

Yes, he is not God. Playing good or evil always seems to be a cliché of some kind. I think that no one is really one or the other, it is always mixed.

There are no only good and only bad people.

I guess there are not. That’s why I told you about Master and Margarita, it’s a story about the connections of two opposites – good and evil. Is evil just evil as we would want to understand it? Or maybe it’s not the evil that comes out of people and what they do. On the other hand – what is good? What is divine in the face of pain, suffering and misunderstanding?

Thank you very much.


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