Age of Innocence

When I am watching ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’, ‘MasterChef’, ‘The Facts’ or other quiz shows and TV shows, it seems to me that


Christmas is inextricably linked to travelling. Some of us, just like in the song ‘Driving home for Christmas’, visit their family home every year, others

What I Do Does Not Exist

This occurred to me recently when I was talking with some man dealing with some technical stuff. It does not matter what he does, but

Never Enough

Three women, one table, a roasting hot June afternoon, stories with travel, children, and money in the background… I was sitting over a piece of

Olympic Breakdance

Five years from now, between 2 and 18 August, when you hear hip hop sounds and rhythms coming from Paris, you should know that the

Our Choices

Out of the spotlight, with uneaten sausage, undrunk substances, and smoke in our lungs, which is no longer considered carcinogenic, we are sitting in the

A Breath

It happens to me quite often now although it used to be even every month or two months. The plan is usually as follows: to

A Time of Silence

I have a dream; just like Martin Luther King and ABBA. But my dream is very unrealistic in today’s world, especially in Poland, as the

The Grapevine

I am a consummate nihilist. I suspected that for years but, luckily, it was recently confirmed by the boss of it all with his interpretation


Headlines, top 100 richest Poles, start-ups, millions in a year. Hundreds of thousands of fans, two concerts a day, countless albums sold. Now these are

Cannon Fodder

In all the pre-election hubbub, we missed an important detail. A fact which was cannon fodder tinged with impudence and total disregard of reality. Well,

Conversations in a Waiting Room

Nothing bonds like waiting for surgery together. In a lovely district of Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, in a glass waiting room of Perfect Smile Dental Clinic, a

A Debate Where Nobody Is Speaking

Everyone is calling for a discussion although nobody wants to talk. Everyone is pushing for a debate, but they only care about shouting out their

God’s Intervention

When you think you have seen it all, and nothing will surprise you; when you think that what you do is predictable and too easy,