Ball January in Gdańsk Philharmonic

Christmas is inextricably linked to travelling. Some of us, just like in the song ‘Driving home for Christmas’, visit their family home every year, others

Kino Kameralne Cafe

Every film buff knows that it is best to watch your favourite films in perfect surroundings. Unfortunately, going to multiplex cinemas often ends up in

Gdańsk Piano Autumn

In November, the Polish Baltic Philharmonic is holding several dozen events, the most significant of which are the concerts held as part of the Gdańsk

April in the Baltic Philharmonic

This spring, after dozens of various events within the last months, the Baltic Philharmonic is offering a lighter repertoire. April begins with a concert on

Urban jungle in human lens

J.W.: Can you love the city? B.M.: I think you can. J.W.: Just like that? Or maybe it’s because of the people in it, atmosphere,

Severski in good shape

In his sixth novel, Severski proves that not only he can write, but that he grows. “Odwet” is, considering the construction of the novel, the